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The development of Technological Solutions

Разработка технологических решенийThe main objective of the technological project - the creation of design solutions on behalf of clients, you need to create production, understanding of its processes, procurement of equipment and coordination in the relevant services (SES, etc.).

Development of technological solutions includes the following work:

  • planning decisions of the premises;
  • technological alignment of the equipment;
  • specification of the equipment;
  • Explanatory note;
  • alignment equipment with reference to electrocommunications etc.

Technological design is a structure of production location in the building, which provides a sequence of processes with a minimum length of the functional relationships and maximizing the intersection of technology and avoiding traffic.

The result of the development of technological solutions and construction plans showing the points of supply of electricity, water, wastewater (sewage), process equipment specifications, explanatory note describing the production line process.

Terms of development of technological solutions depend on the type of business, its size and complexity.

Elticon company is ready to provide the full range of services for the development of technological solutions.

Our clients value and the fact that we take on and quickly solve the entire set of issues for technical or other agreement and approval of our projects.

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