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Сервисное обслуживание ЭлтиконEvery owner, buying high-tech equipment for the construction industry and processing industry, expects it to work perfectly, and long service life. However, it must be remembered that in order to ensure that your equipment has served you faithfully for as long as necessary to make the regular service, which is aimed at maintaining a working efficiency of the entire system and the effect on the quality of his work.

Eltikon company provides the whole range of warranty, post-warranty and service.

Experts service department of Elticon perform functions like Customer Service, as well as providing a number of tasks designed to improve the productivity and quality of work within the company.

Functions of the service department on work with clients:

  • warranty and service projects;
  • conclusion and work on service contracts;
  • provision of advice by telephone;
  • providing remote on-line monitoring of process parameters control system through Internet.

Internal corporate service functions of the department:

  • testing made of hardware and software before sending the customer to meet the requirements specification;
  • maintaining a database of the service history of each project;
  • maintaining corporate knowledge database, which includes accumulated over the years of experience.

More information about the work of service, you can find out by calling +375 17 289-63-33 or email us at com@elticon.ru.

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