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Installation, Commissioning, Training of the Customers

Elticon company provides a full range of installation, commissioning and maintenance services for equipment maintenance in the construction and processing industries. Professional installation, commissioning and quality warranty and post-warranty service performed by highly skilled employees, ensures the reliability and safety of operation, enabling customers to actually reduce the time and cost of the equipment.

The scope of the installation and commissioning unit includes:

  • installation and erection works of process equipment;
  • installation work elements electrics;
  • perform start-up;
  • conduct training of the customer;
  • software warranty, post-warranty and service;
  • supply of spare parts and consumables;
  • organization of delivery and tracking of cargo.

The metrological service provides the following functions:

  • program development and testing methods;
  • testing of prototypes, testing and technical documentation (working drawings, technical manuals, specifications, techniques for debugging and testing, etc.), documenting of the tests;
  • development of methods of metrological certification of measuring channels, holding (together with representatives of UCM) necessary metrological certification;
  • the certificates of pilot production for manufactured products.
Pilot production of the group of companies "Elticon" staffed with the latest equipment, tools, measuring instruments, including benches for testing.

Installation supervision includes the following steps:

  • Submission of the application by the Customer to perform construction supervision.
  • Signing of Agreement for the construction supervision.
  • Check out the expert.
  • Scheduling diagram of equipment arrangement.
  • Drafting an act of acceptance of industrial premises in which the work will be carried out.
  • Scheduling of the work.
  • Customer training in the course of the theoretical seminar.
  • Implementation of the general technical and technological monitoring of progress.
  • Quality control during the work.
  • Drawing up the act of acceptance of works (services of installation of).

Commissioning work is the final stage of installation. The most difficult job in commissioning is adjusting devices and automatic control systems. The company "Eltikon" guarantees the quality of commissioning and commissioning carried out if the specialists of our company, you can be sure that the performance of the system will be at the highest level.

The group of companies "Elticon" holds commissioning in all regions of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

All the work on testing and commissioning of equipment purchased is entirely produced by "Elticon." This means that employees of the Customer during commissioning are present only as third-party observers. When commissioning, our specialists will make their own assembly, installation, connection, testing, commissioning and testing of all equipment subject to commissioning.

Another service offered by "Elticon" is to conduct training of operating personnel of the customer.

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