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Inspection of Objects

Обследование объектаTechnical inspection of buildings and structures in the building and processing area - a set of measures for the identification and assessment of the actual values ​​of monitored parameters that characterize the current operational status, availability and performance of survey and determine the possibility of further operation or the need to restore or comprehensive modernization.

The technical survey in the construction and processing area includes inspection, testing, analysis and evaluation of buildings and structures in order to determine their performance characteristics, determine the feasibility of repair and reconstruction, determine the causes of accidents, predicting the behavior of structures in the future.

Technical inspection of buildings and structures is made in connection with an alleged their reconstruction and capital repairs, detection of defects of building structures, causing doubt in their performance after the accident, the resumption of construction after a long hiatus in the construction works.

Comprehensive survey of the object depending on the ultimate goal includes:

  • familiarization with the project documentation, technical characteristics of existing equipment, flow charts, and the required loads;
  • calculation of the required loads based on actual energy consumption, calculate the amount of equipment, depending on the conditions and characteristics of production.
  • selection of equipment based on the actual loads the object;
  • comparative analysis of the existing equipment with the design;
  • providing technical report on the results of a survey of multiple-choice recommendations for repair, replacement, process equipment, the shortcomings of existing schemes and methods of eliminating them, based on the needs of the customer;
  • acceptance by the Customer on the basis of the results of the survey a final decision on the project.

Обследование объектаComprehensive survey of the facility with a storonyekonomit time and money, but on the other hand allows you to approach the design phase deliberately, to avoid many mistakes in the selection of equipment and develop the most profitable option modernization of the energy sector.

Working with a qualified contractor at the stage of due diligence is required, since it is at this stage lays the foundation of all future work.

The group of companies "Elticon" has a highly skilled professionals to meet the challenges of an integrated audit of the facilities in accordance with the approved practices and proven algorithm survey.

On demand, the requirements specification for the design, which includes a set of measures for replacement or reconstruction of existing equipment or facility as a whole.

If you hotitesekonomit vremyaiizbezhat overhead, the specialists of "Elticon" obespechatkompleksnoe obsledovaniepredpriyatiya or individual obektas of recommendations for reducing energy consumption and the feasibility study of the feasibility of application equipment and predostavyatves uslugot complex design to completion "turn-key" basis.

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