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Development of Software

Разработка программного обеспеченияElticon company ensures that a complete list of works by the software development process control systems for the construction and road-building industry, processing areas, at all levels, buyout include:

  • the development of low-level software-chip logic controllers;
  • development of low-level software x86 - compatible PLC operating system hard real time;
  • the development of high-level software interface units;
  • the creation of structures of relational databases;
  • software development and support services database servers;
  • implementing data within a distributed industrial network;
  • providing asynchronous (in general) of the interface between the control system and enterprise information systems of the Customer;
  • integration of control system in a heterogeneous computer network of the Customer, using the most modern technologies (fiber, wireless, etc.).
Following the developed and successfully used for over twenty years, concepts ACS Group "Elticon" generally have four levels of management:

First-level distributed on-site microprocessor input-output signals to control the actuators;

Second-level controller (controllers) direct digital control of technological processes in real-time;

Third-level information that combines a human-machine interface (HMI), the database management system, the export and printing credentials. Depending on customer requirements third layer may be implemented as a base station operator, and functionally distributed over several stations;

4-D-operational level (optional). At the request of the customer management system can contain level ensuring the integration of several production lines, warehouses, etc., into one integrated system and implement an interface that provides communication between the system and the information systems of the Customer.

"Visiting card" of the software control system supplied by a group of "Elticon" is:

  • providing process control in accordance with accepted industry standards and GOST;
  • "Intelligent" process control at the controller level, allowing performed correctly complete manufacturing operation even in case of emergency (unauthorized) off the operator station;
  • Parallel execution of processes, allowing to achieve maximum performance;
  • an intuitive, graphical interface process control;
  • man-machine interface is designed in accordance with IEC 60447-2000, IEC 60073-2000, GOST R IEC 60204-1-2007;
  • availability of multi-level access control, password protection ensures the opportunity to access special features of the system (to adjust, export user data, etc.);
  • maintaining a relational database, which includes:
  • guides and glossaries;
  • detailed history of the technological process;
  • system of access rights;
  • a built-in mechanism for creating backup copies of the database;
  • extensive functionality to build and print a variety of reports and logs;
  • the large number of service functions that greatly simplify the operation of the system;
  • ensuring safe for people to control the equipment, and the necessary equipment interlocks and protections in all control modes, including:
  • suspend the process in the event of any emergency or contingency to confirm the operator the possibility to continue the process;
  • issuance of conditional text and audio, and mnemonic (uniquely interpreted) posts on the causes and nature of the emergency and abnormal situations to confirm the statement that it took note of the reports;
  • To ensure the necessary consistency on and off mechanisms, including in emergency and abnormal situations;
  • ensure the completion of the current job process controller in case of power or loss of communication with the operator's station.

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