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Processing industry

If new construction or complex reconstruction, modernization of existing production, delivery under "key" is necessary for you, Сompany Elticon is ready to offer you the services.

Big long-term experience in the field of processing industry (over 20 years), an extensive portfolio of the realized projects on all regions of Russia, Belorus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, the highly skilled personnel of the company - is your guarantee of that having addressed in company Elticon, you receive the reliable and qualitative decision which will allow you to raise in the long term level of existing production at decrease in financial expenses. We are ready to offer as existing options (standard decisions), and to develop everything from "zero" according to your specification.

Elticon Group, working with the largest both domestic, and foreign producers of the equipment for processing industries, performs engineering works on selection and adaptation of production technologies of compound feed according to development plans of formula-feed plants, working at the party of the Customer.

Our long-term experience and competences allow to develop and offer technical solutions and the configurations of the equipment which are most considering needs of the Customer, feature of his floor spaces, possibilities. Thus the emphasis becomes on use as the main units (the mixer, a crusher, the granulator) the equipment of leading global manufacturers.

New construction and complex reconstruction:

  • Production lines of compound feeds
  • ATK of elevators
  • ATK of warehouses of raw materials
  • Formula-feed plant

Besides, Сompany Elticon offers the finished decisions in the field. The choice of the polnokomplektny decision allows to choose the balanced product and it is essential to lower terms of implementation of the order, and it means that your production will start to make for you profit already in the shortest terms.

The finished decisions:

  • Lines of moistening of grain on mills
  • Lines of input of fermental additives and compound feed
  • Lines of input of vegetable oil in compound feeds
  • Production lines of premixes
  • DDS lines
  • Granulation lines
  • Thermometry systems

Сompany Elticon of companies has the following licenses and certificates:

  • the license of the Promatomnadzor of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RB for design (designing), manufacturing, installation and adjustment of technical devices on dangerous production objects of the enterprises for storage and grain processing;
  • permission of the Gospromnadzor (Promatomnadzor) of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RB to the right of application of systems of automation of own production on the dangerous production objects which are under control to the Gospromnadzor of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RB;
  • certificate of works and services of own production;
  • certificate of the international sample (IQNet) of compliance of quality management system to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

Cooperating with Elticon you get the reliable and competent partner, the most modern production technologies, innovative decisions in the field of processing industry.

Our quality is checked by time!