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Building industry

Construction as one of the primary investment branches makes a great impact on national economy as a whole. Efficiency of capital investments, technological structure of fixed assets, reconstruction old and rates of development of new capacities depend on a level of development of capital construction.

 In Russia there was a situation when the state practically evaded from a key role in town-planning process. Lack of uniform policy, purposeful investments was aggravated by the general economic crisis of the last years. Such situation led to that in Russia today there is very backward base of the construction industry.

Hundred the plants which are engaged in output for large-panel housing construction (efficiency), make it on technological lines 20 - 30-year prescription.

Those few enterprises of the construction industry which made reconstruction the last 5-10 years, carried out it according to the scheme of loan of the western technologies - acquisition of technological lines and the "turnkey" equipment.

It is caused by that the domestic engineering industry doesn't let out (with rare exception) for the construction industry of the modern equipment, capable to make competitive production. From this that is issued the domestic industry, it is possible to call: a concrete and mixing hub (BSU) (for 30% of the enterprises - the Russian production, other 70% - productions of Germany, Italy, Turkey, Finland and China); still best-selling cassette installations (for example, Kokhma); out-of-date modular product lines for efficiency plants; volume stands of an old sample.

However now, in the conditions of the most severe competition, both for quality of let-out production, and for its prime cost, in the conditions of limited investments, a short time dictated by the market on reconstruction, loan of the western "turnkey" technologies can't be the optimum decision, as in our opinion:

  • cost of the import equipment often is considerably overestimated;
  • the ordered equipment is frequent not the most modern (for example, Chinese or Turkish дженерики don't provide expected competitiveness);
  • costs of a binding (adaptation) of the equipment to existing Russian realities - bikes also aren't always well predicted;
  • as a rule, design productivity isn't reached;
  • the quality of let-out production declared by the western engineering company not always is reached (quality of an ekstruderny pustotka and concrete pipes isn't provided - not that quality of raw materials and
  • components, aren't present stabilization of a water cement ratio for the melkoshtuchka line etc.);
  • the acquired line often works unstably: automatic equipment glitches, bearing knots fail, sensors work not always, etc.

It is necessary to count on a system approach to reconstruction when the complex of concrete technologies gets out on the basis of the qualified design and engineering works which result is the weighed decision based on loan of the western technologies, but only in necessary degree, taking into account conditions and realities of the reconstructed enterprise, estimations of cost of operation of the equipment and automatic equipment in long-term prospect, the analysis of tendencies of movement of the market and, as a result, payback of the enclosed investments.

Elticon Group carries out more than 20 years the activity in construction branch. Behind our shoulders more than 500 successfully realized projects in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Our field of activity is as new construction and complex reconstruction of the enterprises, modernization of existing objects, and the finished polnokomplektny decisions in the field. We are ready to offer you already completely ready projects under "key" or to develop everything from "zero" according to your specification, and also to carry out delivery of necessary processing equipment, to make the qualified installation and commissioning, to train the person of the Customer.

Company Elticon carries out all range guarantee, postguarantee and service service on the delivered equipment.

New construction and complex reconstruction:

  • Production lines of efficiency plant
  • Production lines of ZhBI plant
  • Concrete plants of vertical and horizontal configuration
  • Quickly rebased concrete plants
  • Concrete production and accompanying technologies

The finished decisions:

  • Concrete plants
  • Plants of dry construction mixes
  • Cement warehouses
  • Warehouses of inert materials
  • Systems of address delivery of concrete
  • Heating systems and defrosting of inert materials
  • Retsikling
  • System of aeration of cement
  • Aspiratsionnoye equipment
  • System of stabilization of the water-cement relation
  • System of visual control of process of hashing in a betonosmesitel
  • Complex systems of unloading of hoppers with inert materials during the winter period
  • System of measurement of humidity of fillers
  • System of intensive input of water in old models of betonosmesitel

Cooperating with Elticon you get the reliable and competent partner, the most modern production technologies, innovative decisions in the sphere of construction branch.

Our quality is checked by time!